Monday, September 22, 2014

The Best is Yet to Come (oil on canvas, 2014)

This was based on a pastel drawing that I did out on the Foxcroft Road a couple of years ago. I neglected to photograph the drawing before it was framed under glass, so there's no image of it here, but the original image was a square, with this composition being based on the top half of it only. I like the original drawing, but I think the reading of the various forms across the horizontal format is more effective. I tend to be of a dark, brooding nature but this is a painting full of optimism.

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Beth Baker said...

I agree with the optimistic tone of this. I immediately felt that I wanted to go to that house..something lovely was there. but also that I didn't want to rush there. I wanted to stroll up the hill and enjoy the anticipation as much as the thing itself. it is a painting that I would enjoy looking at fir long stretches of time. thank you.