Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Framingham Road (oil on canvas, 2012)

I painted this canvas from a view of the Framingham Road here in Littleton on Sunday afternoon (which was bitterly cold and windy) for the upcoming 10x10 auction at the Wintergreen Art Center in Presque Isle. The three barns in the previous two pictures are behind this house and were to my left as I worked on this. This painting, along with 10" x 10" paintings by 50 or so other artists will be auctioned off this coming Friday at the Wintergreen Art Center between 6:00 and 8:30. More info here.

A Certain Unease in the Air (pastel, 2012)

Same barns as the previous painting, this was done about three weeks ago, during a brief warm spell when most of the snow had melted.

Three's a Crowd (oil on canvas, 2012)

This was painted in February. These three barns sit behind an old, empty house on the Framingham Road here in Littleton and I have been spending a lot of time over the past five or six months up there making drawings based on the various buildings on the property. I did quite a few drawings and paintings of this property from the other (north) side during the first year that I lived here, but at the time, the house was occupied and I didn't feel comfortable roaming around the property with my easel. The house has been empty for a few years now and there was a For Sale sign in front of it last fall.