Sunday, December 4, 2011

Purple Shutters (oil on canvas, 2011)

(Private Collection)
This is a painting of an old house up on the Front Ridge here in Littleton. There's quite a steep hill behind the house, but from in front, you can look out over the trees well into Canada. I did several drawings of this house over the summer at different times of days and in different weather conditions (On one particularly windy day, a gust came up from over the crest of the hill behind me and sent my drawing board tumbling through the yard.) and the painting ended up being a composite of my favorite parts of each drawing. I've always loved that Adirondack chair sitting on the porch facing a million dollar view, just waiting for someone to come along and enjoy it. Sometimes it feels like there's a ghost sitting in that chair, surveying the landscape down the hill and remembering when the house was in better shape.

Quintet (oil on canvas, 2011)