Thursday, March 5, 2009

Monday, March 2, 2009

Halloween (oil on canvas, 2009)

(Private Collection)
This small painting (10 x 20) is based on a charcoal drawing that I did on Halloween last year, in between my kids' party at school and taking them out for Trick or Treating. This is an old house a few miles up the road from me that's been for sale for a long time. I fear that having been unoccupied for so long and not heated during the winters, that it may be starting to sustain some structural damage. I pulled in to the driveway and was immediately struck by the long shadow cast on the wall. I thought it was kind of spooky, but maybe it was just the day. The original drawing included all of the dormers and much more of the roof, but I think it works better cropped this way.

Gerry's Barns in Winter (oil on canvas, 2009)

(Private Collection)
I finished this painting about 5 weeks ago but I misplaced my digital camera so I haven't been able to post anything. These are the same barns from a painting called "Last Days of Summer" that I did a couple of years ago. When I was out drawing these back in September 2006 the owner came down to see what I was up to and we talked for a little while. He indicated that he was planning to have the barns pulled down before the end of that year, but I am glad to see that, two and a half years later, they are still standing.