Friday, November 6, 2009

House Where No One Lives (oil on canvas, 2009)

(Private Collection)
This old house is on the Fletcher Road in Monticello, just past the Wilkins Road and right before the border crossing into Canada. When I was kid, there was a path at the end of my street, which would take you through a big field and then about 3/4 through the woods where it came out on Stow road by an old, empty house behind trees like this. The kids in my neighborhood all called it the "Witchy-poo House" and we were terrified to go near it. Coming upon this building, at dusk, during the last week of October brought back a lot of memories from childhood Halloweens. I borrowed the title (slightly altered) from a Tom Waits song.


Harlow said...

Nice painting and excellent title! I just popped over to check your new link at Can you send us a .jpg image to go with it? Thanks, Deb

DKSmall said...

Very nice. I like this a lot. Thanks for sharing. I lived in Maine once upon a time.

Frank said...



Having a place in upstate NY this is a familiar site
you did a great job of capturing
the feeling of a house that was once loved and now abandoned
Great color and style
thanks for sharing

Frank said...

Thanks, Angela. My mother's family is from upstate NY, three generations of onion farmers in Canastota, 20 miles east of Syracuse, and I have many fond memories of that area, which I think influences a lot of my work. This painting is of an old storage shed near my uncle's farm.