Monday, June 18, 2007

Sheep Farm In Snow (pastel, 2006)

Another view of the Henderson farm, just after a snow storm. Done while sitting on the hood of my car in the freezing cold. I remember having to pause to get back into the car every 5 minutes or so to thaw my fingers out over the defroster. I had been using Rembrandt pastels on Rives BFK paper quite a lot but I had just gotten a big box of 60 Windsor and Newton pastels at 60% off as the set was being discontinued. This was my first time using them and I also tried Stonehenge paper for the first time. I prefer the BFK, but I work in pastel several times a week and the W&N pastels have become a favorite for quick sketching, although Schmincke pastels remain my preferred pastel.

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robinm said...

while in St Andrew's NB for an Art workshop we had the opportunity of attending a slide retrospective of a pastel artist, who had immigrated from the UK. I cannot remember his name. But I can remember his many classy pastels. I also remember him grumping about how difficult it was to obtain his favorite brand of pastels. Schminkes. He had hugh wooden cartons of them as he was another workshop presenter.